25 years ago, living in the Tex/Mex food capital of America, San Antonio, Texas; Bandana Bandito was born.  With a ton of support & a lot of encouragement, from both family and friends, I took my first step to market and promote my dreams, quality Southwest food products.  Idle time and free weekends were replaced by long hours of searching for potential future customers that would listen to my story in an already over saturated market. The products that I boasted of found great success with our newly found customers and we were now making tracks in growing our line and our customer base.  Our Salsa Ranchera, Picante Sauce, Jalapeno Mustard, Chili Rojo, Chili Verde and the Jalapeno Jelly kept us in business and the wolves from our door.

With the design of our new logo, trademarked, and with a lot of crazy ideas on new salsa items, and marketing outside the box, we were starting to make our move.  In the beginning draped cloth bandana’s over each jar to different color lids, t-shirts that stated, “Hot Damm – This Ain’t Your MOMMA’S pasta sauce”, we started to catch some major attention. Our salsa line now numbered 20 plus items from Mild too Hot and Super HOT,  5 fruit salsas, and a ton of different style gift sets.  Made a few mistakes along the way, but we survived through it all.

From small weekend shows, festivals, tourist traps, apple orchards, gift shows, school events and Christmas bazaars we climbed the ladder in showing and promoting our quality Southwest Tex/Mex food product line.  Now we were doing national food shows in Manhattan, Los Angles, Las Vegas,  Atlanta, Minneapolis and in Chicago.  We were offering a full line of salsa, BBQ sauces, Buffalo Wing Sauce, mustards, olives, spices, Bloody Mary & Margarita Mix, black & pinto bean dips, Fijita Marinade, and a variety of other great tasting sauces.  We successfully promoted our Mango/Chipotle Sauce to be used with chicken and a Hot Red Pepper sauce that did not contain any salt – to die for.  Hey, we even bottled a Red Wine Vinaigrette to be used on salads or as a marinade for steaks.  Quality products for all occasions. Onward & forward we went.  New designed gift sets gave us a chance to do corporate gift giving.  We now had added to our list of products jalapeno relish, enchilada sauce, cranberry relish & salsa.  For those who like it REALLY HOT we rolled out our “Firey” Habanero Salsa.  Firey spelled our way caught a lot of attention and that year we took 2nd place at the National Scovie Awards in the salsa division.  Habanero Steak Sauce, Sweet Mustard Sauce, Cajun Mesquite Mustard, we were on a major role.  No turning back now.

Our products have been sold in Canada, Europe, as well with grocery stores, upscale deli’s and gift stores here in the United States.  We have also bottled under the kosher symbols, (OU, Star K, and KSA).  The bottling plant is FDA approved, no trans fat in the majority of our salsa, and if you require gluten free products, we might be able to help you out.

In 2006 our Picante Sauce won the prestigious EPICURIOUS AWARD for the best tasting Picante Sauce in America.  What an award – EL MAGNIFICO.

The majority of our bottling done today is PRIVATE LABELING.

But some things have not changed over these past 25 years in business.  We still believe and boast about bottling and packaging quality Southwest Tex/Mex food products, being honest, fair pricing, care about our customers and then deliver our product with a little down home Southern Hospitality.